Is my house Settling?
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Dane gutted and redid our kitchen and bedroom floors and several other upgrades, he did an awesome job, gives advice, opinions, so we could make the best choices. Thank you Dane, we love everything you did to make our house a home to be proud of.  
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Is my house Settling?


by Dane smythe on 01/28/14

Is my house sinking??

Way too often I have people asking me this time of year if their house it settling. After listening to their story I find out that they are noticing a gap form or the tape peeling where the wall meets the ceiling drywall in their home, it is always in the center of the house in the hallway or sometimes at the peak of a cathedral ceiling.

Here’s the problem…trusses expand and raise in the cold weather. When the temperature goes down the trusses go up! If your trusses are not nailed properly to the center walls they will separate. As the temperature goes up then the trusses go down. The problem cannot be fixed until spring or summertime, at that time the drywall can be retaped if desired.

On the other hand here’s how you know if your house is settling. Center beam settlement will show up in doors and/or cracks in the drywall. If you notice a crack form at the top corner of a door or if a door doesn’t close due to the top rubbing then you have a settling issue. I talked about this part in a former blog which consists of jacking the center beam back up. If you’re on a basement then it should be as simple as turning the lally column a couple turns. If you’re on a crawl space then it involves a heavy duty bottle jack and some metal shims. We can take care of both. Sometimes the problem may be sagging floor joists. This is a little more involved but can still be fixed in about a days’ time.

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